1. New York’s Alright If You Like Saxophones

    Aloha Freaks,

    Going on hiatus for a month and a few. I’ll be hitting up the streets of New York and feeling lucky to call it my home once again. Hello, steamy piles upon piles of trash. Hey, flying cockroaches. What’s up, sweaty balls. - I’ve missed you all in different capacities. But mostly, I’ll be glad to see all the glittery creatures I call my friends. Give me a low five if you spy me on the streets. I’m the one with the curly hair and the twin peaks.




  2. born to ride


  3. Wy’east


  4. cars hiss by my window


  5. out of reach


  6. there’s no place


  7. hurricane fighter plane


  8. no one breaks out alone


  9. that aint no sudafed


  10. lazy susans


  11. zen arcade


  12. 130POW


  13. cleaning the mirror


  14. d for the dead


  15. the world’s a mess,